Can you legally marry us?

In the State of New York an Ordained Clergy Member, Minister, Priest, Rabbi, Reverend, etc. who is authorized by their church can legally marry you. Maria has have been ordained for many years now and happily performing wedding ceremonies ever since!

Can we write our own words?

Absolutely! Maria encourages couples to write their own vows and, for that matter, personalize the ceremony in any fashion that makes the ceremony more meaningful to them.

Do you offer Unity Candles, Sand or Rose Ceremony options?

Maria offers all three options and is open to anything else that you may like to incorporate into the ceremony. However, you are responsible for the supplies (candles, sand, rose, etc).

How do we get a marriage license?

For New York State, please check out this link:
Information on Getting Married in New York State - click here

We are mixed faiths. Are you okay with that?

Absolutely! Maria is always happy to incorporate whatever family/religious traditions you would like to include or to keep the ceremony as non-denominational as possible. The choice is yours.

We have children we would like to incorporate into the ceremony. What do you suggest?

There are lots of ways to include children. The most popular is to include them in the Unity or Sand Ceremony. But you could also present them with a small gift or share vows with them. This is certainly something we could discuss and I’d be happy to share what material I have with you in regards to this.

Do you require a deposit? When is the balance due?

I do not require a deposit. What I charge for my services is so small compared to all the other expenses involved in planning a wedding, that I just don’t feel it is necessary. However, if you would like to pay in advance that is fine with me and I will present you with a receipt. If payment is not made in advance, it is due the day of the wedding.

Do you have a cancellation penalty?

No, Maria does not have a cancellation penalty. However, should you have a change in plans, it would be most appreciated if you let her know as soon as possible out of courtesy for her time. This way Maria can be available for another couple.

Can you recommend other wedding professionals?

No problem! Just let Maria know what you are looking for and she will be happy to email you the contact information for that vendor.

Do I have a contract or some form of formal confirmation?

Maria does not use a contract. However, she does offer a Letter of Confirmation. Since she does not require a deposit and there is no cancellation penalty, Maria doesn't feel the need for a contract. The Letter of Confirmation provides the same thing – it confirms your date, time, location and her fees. If you feel the need for more than that, please feel free to discuss this with Maria personally.

In case of an emergency, do you have someone to back you up if you cannot make a wedding you have scheduled?

Definitely! In the event that she cannot attend your wedding as planned, Maria has a list of officiants/ministers that she would call to replace her. But this is a rare instance to be sure. The last time any such issue occured was many years ago and that was because one of her family members had passed away.

What are your fees?

Make an appointment today with Rev. Maria D'Andrea. She will be happy to discuss her flexible service fees with you, answer all your questions and accomodate your wedding plans. Call Maria today at (631) 559-1248. She looks forward to hearing from you.