wedding photo robert d'andrea
Rob and his beautiful bride
Maria understands and, in doing so, creates a truly meaningful wedding ceremony. By combining elements of your own heritage with the loveliest parts of your spouse's traditions, whether they are Jewish, Christian, Buddhist or simply secular, Maria's gentle warmth and kind demeanor ensure that your wedding ceremony will be a source of joy and a magical memory to treasure forever.

Maria will work with you to bring to life the wedding vows or the vows you want to make to each other in a beautiful ceremony. It will be one that represents who you and your spouse uniquely are.

When officiating same religion or inter-religious Rites of Marriage in legal compliance with the laws of New York State, Maria provides the skilled vehicle by which couples of same or different faiths can come together in a moving and highly personal public declaration of love.

Maria feels blessed to be able to help two people who are ready to make a lifetime commitment to each other joined by their love, respect and desire to live their lives together.

Make an appointment today with Rev. Maria D'Andrea. She will be happy to discuss your wedding plans, flexible service fees and answer all your questions.